Monday, February 9, 2015

Blocky but beautiful

From Melissa DR--

So I have never really paid attention to what my kids are saying when they are playing Minecraft. Kylie is playing today and I'm in the kitchen.
She says, "Mom, watch--the sun is rising! It's blocky but it's beautiful!"  LOL!!! Then once the sun was up she says, "Now we will start to hear the painful cries of creepers and skeletons."
I said, "What?!"
She says, "Yes, the sun makes them burst into flames and burn to death!"

What am I letting my daughter play??? LOL!!!!!

She later told me, "When the burning monsters call, I must go kill them." 
She also was telling me that she was in survival mode and scared, that she would probably die, respawn into her bed, be scared and go pet her chickens because they comfort her.