Friday, February 6, 2015

Minecraft needs an update

Very intriguing conversation about Minecraft with a 7-year-old today at school. 

Cade:  "I want to be a miner, but I am not doing it for the glory.  I'm doing it just to find cool stuff."
Me:  "I see your Minecraft shirt.  Did you get into Minecraft because you like mining?"
Cade:  "Actually, I'm kind of bored with Minecraft.  It could really use an update.  When I'm a teenager, I'm going to make a mod to make Minecraft fun again."
Me:  "That's great!  What will the mod do?"
Cade:  "First I'm going to make machine gun ore, which is actually a prank."
Me:  "A prank?  How so?"
Cade:  "Well, it might be a bad prank where you get lava poured on your head or you get TNT'd."
Me:  "Yeah, that's definitely a bad prank!"
Cade:  "But it could also be a good prank where you'd get diamonds, fireworks or lucky blocks. could be the best prank where you get a whole pig army AND an army of cats."
Me:  "Wow."
Cade:  "I'm also going to make new monsters."
Me:  "What kind?"
Cade:  "First of all, mummies.  And also spiders with machine guns."
Me:  "Interesting."
Cade:  "And I'm going to make new bosses, a mutant spider and a half herobrine/half zombie."
Me:  "Hero Brian?"
Cade:  "HeroBRINE."
Me, nodding:  "Ohhhhh."  I pretended like I understood but I had to come home and ask Hayden what on earth Hero Brian was.  She clarified, it is brine, like brine shrimp, and that helped some.  But I still didn't know what it was until I googled it.  See below.

Then the fire alarm got pulled and we had to end our conversation, which I am still sad about, because I wanted to hear what else he had to say!  But by the time we were cleared to go back in the building, reading time was over and he had to go back to class.  Maybe another day... :)