Saturday, January 31, 2015

We tried, but...

The kids played side by side on our two computers tonight.  They were eager to try some new tricks their friend Evyn taught them this afternoon.

Hayden, downcast: "We tried to summon things, but it just didn't work."
Bryce: "Yeah.  We gotta go back to You Tube."

The Village People

Bryce, telling me about his house:  "The second room is the one with the most noise.  Do you know WHY it's noisy?  It's the one where I keep the villagers."

Me, in my head:  Is Minecraft also teaching human trafficking...?

Friday, January 30, 2015

Putting them in their place

Bryce: " Good boy, good boy"
Me:  "What are you doing?"
Bryce to me:  "I'm taming wolves."  To a wolf, "Hey, don't be a runaway.  Come back!  Did you fall in?"
Me:  "Fall in what?"
Bryce, to me:  "A hole to go in my animal place."  To a wolf, "Hello!"
Me:  "So you're trapping them?"
Bryce:  "Well, I'm spawning them and taming them and putting them in their place."  Pause.  "I heard a wolf yell out.  Well, one of my dogs.   He got hurt and I didn't do it.  Hello, chickens."
Me:  "Are you feeding the wolves chickens?!"
Bryce:  "No!  They are in my animals' place also."
Me:  "Okay..."

Not a moment to waste

Bryce:  Here's a fact about Minecraft days: They only last ten minutes.   That means there's not a moment to waste.

Me, in my head:  This, in a nutshell is parenthood.  Excuse me now while I go cry.

Sad news

Bryce:  "I have sad news for you."  Big sigh.  "In the game where I had the Nether reactor core and all the gold, I died."  Pauses, shakes head.  "I don’t even know how I died, the game just made me or something.  Nothing was hurting me...gravel wasn’t falling...I wasn’t in lava..."
Me:  "Then you just died?"
Bryce, frowning:  "Well, yeah."
Me, genuinely:  "Sorry."

Thursday, January 29, 2015

All you need is gold

Bryce:  "I’ve finally made a Nether reactor core.  All I need is more gold."

Later on...

Bryce: "Today all I’m caring about is gold.  Oddly today I haven’t found any.  Maybe I already have tooken most of the gold in this area.  Hmm."

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More good news and bad news

Bryce:  Good news—dungeon.  Bad news—spider monsters.  Guess how you tell there's a dungeon.

Me:  How do you tell?

Bryce:  If you see moss stone anywhere on the roof of an abandoned mineshaft.  Or you might just walk into a cave and find it.

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Then don't step on any butterflies

From Crystal K--

Evyn built a Tardis in Minecraft today because he wanted a time machine. He time traveled to the past in the 1700s. 

Evyn: "I don't want to mess with anything or I'll ruin the future!"
Me (thinking of that Ray Bradbury story): "Well, just make sure you don't step on any butterflies."
Evyn (totally missing the reference): "There's no butterflies in Minecraft. I'd have to get a mod for that."

Sigh. And yet another wasted bit of humor goes floating away above his 8-year-old head...

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mine and Learn

Bryce:  I’m going to grow some saplings in my house.
Me:  But what if they grow through your roof?
Bryce:  Never mind that.  I’m mining a big hole for them.
Few minutes pass.
Bryce:  Darn it.  I have to make myself a new front door.  My sapling blocked my door!
Me:  Mine and learn.  

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