Saturday, April 18, 2015

Diamond Rain--the mod, the myth, the legend

Bryce: "Oh. My. Gosh.  I just tapped the ground with a stick and diamonds fell down!!"  Drags his tablet over to me.  "I'll show you!  Here--try it!!  See?  Diamonds!!"

Bryce:  "Oh, no!!  I don't have room for all my diamonds! I need a chest!"

Bryce: "I could easily build a house of diamonds. I have so much diamonds I need a new chest.  Diamond Rain works. Totally. That's why it's called Diamond Rain.  I could do this FOREVER. galore!"
Bryce, singing: "Diamond rain, diamond rain, diamond raaaaaaain!" Regular voice, "Diamonds are awesome.  The tree mod is also awesome. Pandora's Box is similar to lucky blocks."
Me: ???

Bryce: "Oh, dang. The Pandora's Box doesn't work. I'll have to find another. Oh, good. Golden Iron Rain works." 

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