Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Minecraft + siblings = funny

Kids are playing in different rooms and yelling back and forth.
Kid 2: "I can't hear you! Can you say it in Minecraft?"

Kid 2, laughing gleefully: "I'm watching you die!!"
Kid 1: "I'm coming for you!!"

B: "You're suicide-ing!" *pause*  Sounding annoyed, "As usual, you survived."

H: How'd you do that?!
B:  It's easy. I have the magic touch.
Me:  In what?
B:  Parkour.
Me:  Only in Minecraft...

B to H:  I'm watching you fall to your death!  HA! You suicided.
Me:  :/

B:  Hey, can I hit you back?  Wait--where'd you go?  You've angered me.  I'm jumping in lava.

Thus ended last night's playing.

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