Sunday, April 19, 2015

There's no toilets in Minecraft

From Debbie B--

From 7-9am this morning my son created a mansion (in Minecraft).

Andy: The first floor is a concert room with a stage. The second, third and fourth floor is actually the second floor, and here's why. The second-second floor is a movie theater built on a slant. The second-third floor is a kitchen and guest room. The second-fourth floor is MY ROOM!
Me: So where's your bathroom? People in your concert room will need to go?
Andy: *looks at me with head down and eyes up* It's Minecraft, Mom.

Creating a whole mansion in two hours should have given me a clue to that one.

Funny thing - I left out the follow-up conversation we had about what you actually do on toilet in Minecraft. It may not be a good Saturday morning conversation, but it is a typical convo with a 10-year-old boy. LOL

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