Monday, January 12, 2015

Eating, breathing and sleeping Minecraft

From Shana K--

It's 1:30 a.m. and my bedroom door squeaks open...Luke stumbles in looking confused but wide awake.
Me:  "Hey dude, what are you doing up?"
Luke:  "I...uhh..." he looks around the room
Me:  "Pook, what's wrong?"
Luke:  "My room is dark because there's no torches."
Me:  "Torches? Did you just say torches?"
Luke, looking frustrated:  "Yes! There's no torches in there so it's dark."
Me:  "Luke, that's because it's your room, not Minecraft."
Luke, equally frustrated:  "I KNOW. But there's no torches!"
Me:  "Alrighty dude, you're not awake right now. C'mon, lay down with Mom. I don't have any torches either but you need to get back to bed buddy."
Luke, sighing:  "Okay..."

True story. The dude is sleepwalking Minecraft now.  :/

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