Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Dogs Afire

From Shana K--

Luke:  I put the dog out with a bucket.
Me:  What?
Luke:  The dog. It was on fire. But I put it out.

Me:  OMG! Why was there a dog on fire?! Is that a common occurrence??
Sarah:  Because Luke hit it by accident with his fire sword.
Me:  Good Lord. Watch that thing! Is he okay??
Luke:  Oh yeah. He's fine. I hit him in the head with a bucket of water.
Me:  What?! That sounds violent! You hit him in the head with a bucket?!
Luke:  Yeah. It's okay. That stopped him from crying and put him out.
Me:  Um...okay. Glad it ended well, I guess.
Luke:  Yeah, it's all good.
Me:  o_O

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