Friday, January 23, 2015

Go ahead, make my Nether Portal

Bryce:  "There are 3 things that make this Nether Portal work.  Go ahead, guess what they are."
Me:  "Lava?"
Bryce, impressed:  "Yes!  Go on."
Me:  "Coal?"
Bryce:  "Wrong, try again."
Me:  "Uhhh..."
Bryce, too anxious to wait for me to think:  "The answer is obsidian.  Guess the 3rd thing now."
Me:  "Diamond?"
Bryce:  "Noooo.  I'll give you a hint.  It's cracked with an iron ingot...."
Me:  ???
Bryce, sensing my utter cluelessness:  "It starts with an F..."
Me:  "Fire!"
Bryce:  "The answer is flint and steel!"
Me:  "Of course!  I knew that!  Not."

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