Thursday, March 5, 2015

3 Minutes of Minecraft

Scene--our house, before school.  Players--My 7-year-old, 11-year-old and me.  Everyone had completed everything and therefore the kids were allowed a few minutes on their tablets.  Here is the conversation that followed:

Bryce:  "Hayden, heeeeere’s Mr. Lucky."
Me:  "Who’s Mr. Lucky?"
Bryce:  "Me, because when I was mining I ran into red stone.  I only can have a little bit more red stone because I’m close to 64.  So I’m just hunting iron."
Hayden:  "Have you found diamond?"
Bryce:  "I’ve found 12.  That’s good."
Bryce:  “Guess what I dug into, Hayden?”  Said in a spooky voice, “A mysteeeeeerious cave!”
Hayden:  "Good luck with that."
Me:  "Did you find anything in the cave?"
Bryce:  "Mainly iron, which is what I wanted."
Me:  "Glad that cave’s working out for you."
Hayden singing, “I found a caaaaaaave with milliiiiiions of mushroooooooms!!”  Then, in a normal voice, “No, literally, there’s a ton of mushrooms.”
Bryce, sounding alarmed, “I have to use pumpkins to get out!”
Me:  "To get out of what?"
Bryce, to me:  “The cave.”  To no one in particular, “Aww, nice!  Some lapis.”  Pause.  “Diamond!  DIAMOND!!”
Hayden:  "Oh, no.  I just fell."
Me:  "You fell where?"
Hayden:  "I fell down, but I got up."
More life lessons from #Minecraft.