Sunday, March 15, 2015

It's all about the chickens today

Bryce: I finally found a CHICKEN!!  
Me: High fives!
B: He's mainly for eggs.
Me: What do mean, mainly?
B: Well, his other use is meat. But then, no more Chicky.

Bryce, a little later: I have to upgrade this so Chicky can't escape. I'm going to make him a hidey hole.

Bryce, later yet:  Aww, he likes his hidey hole!
Me:  How can you tell?
B:  Because when I pushed him in it, he stayed!

B:  COME. ON.  Give me an egg!!  If you give me an eggggggg I'll give you seeeeeeds!

B, later on: I accidentally killed Chicky.  At least I still have cows.