Monday, March 9, 2015

It's all about the TNT

Heard this morning before school...

Bryce: "You know #DanTDM from YouTube?  He plays on a computer.  If you see meteor TNT on the computer, you better run!  Even if you just got done building the best house ever, you still better run.  If you don’t run, the explosion is huge and you basically die. But in pocket, it doesn’t explode.  It just creates a giant obsidian cube with lava and top and you are inside it and the lava is falling on you.  There’s no way to get out.  Unless you have a diamond pickaxe.  And if you are by a river, that’s good, because you will immediately get on fire."

Bryce, talking to himself:  “Bad thinking, Bryce.  You should NOT have set fire TNT on the tree...”  To me, “I’m going to try calming it down with snow TNT.  Do your magic, TNT!” Pause.  “This is not working.  Hey mom, if I have to I will calm it down with ocean TNT.  And now, to get rid of it…meteor TNT!”
Me:  "Did that work?"
Bryce:  "Did what work?  Destroying it with meteor TNT?  Yes, except a few blocks.”  Pause.  “Oh, no!!  I spawned in it!!”
Me:  "Spawned in what?"
Bryce:  "Inside the TNT thing.  Oops, bad idea.  I let the lava out.  I’ll just use some ocean TNT to calm it down.  It’s all good."

Bryce, excited: “It’s hellfire TNT!”
Me: “What are you doing with hellfire TNT?”
Bryce: “Lighting it up!  Sure enough, it caught on fire.  Hellfire!!  We need to calm this down.  Snow TNT, stat.  I tried calming it down, it didn’t work.  If I have to, I will use ocean TNT.”

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